2016 BOA Grand Nationals Finals

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A big thank you to Chris from IndianaMarching.com for making the long trip down here and helping out with the blogging this weekend and next week.

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The end of the season is upon us and the next 9 days are HUGE. Here are the schedules

Friday: BOA San Antonio (34 in Prelims)
Saturday: BOA San Antonio (30 in Prelims, 14 in Finals)
Sunday: Hang out on the Riverwalk
Monday: UIL 4A State (23 in Prelims, 10 in Finals)
Tuesday: UIL 6A State Prelims (40 in Prelims)
Wednesday: UIL 6A State Finals (12 in Finals)
Thursday: BOA Grand National Prelims (50 in Prelims)
Friday: BOA Grand National Prelims (50 in Prelims
Saturday: BOA Grand National Semis/Finals (35ish in Semis, 12 in Finals)
Sunday: Flying home from Indianapolis

This is the final week and a half that everyone's season has been building towards. All the blood, sweat, tears, dedication, and more have created a fantastic journey that you will never forget. You will always remember the camaraderie, family, and love which is your band. No matter which day your season ends on or what the final placement was, the journey was successful in creating everlasting memories.

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