2017 BOA St Louis

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This is an official Music For All hosted Live Blog this week and you can visit the blog directly at their site if you wish:
BOA St Louis - http://bit.ly/2hQVq6b
BOA Indianapolis - http://bit.ly/2yCu7qm

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There is a whole lot going on this week! We have UIL Region Contests, the USBands Southwestern Championship and the Cowboys' AT&T Stadium, and also both the BOA St Louis and Indianapolis Super Regionals. 3 Texas bands (Anderson, Cy-Falls, and Westwood) that made the trip all the way up to St Louis and we have TxB bloggers helping with the Official MFA Live Blog, so that's where the Live Blog will be coming from this weekend. You can also check out our Twitter and Facebook for content from the USBands at AT&T Stadium. And don't forget that the BOA Indianapolis Super Regional also has its own Official MFA Live Blog at http://bit.ly/2yCu7qm

Prelims Performance Schedules:
     - Saturday 11:00am - Anderson
     - Saturday 11:15am - Cy-Falls
     - Saturday 2:30pm - Westwood
- Indianapolis - http://bit.ly/2gprJZy

Historic Live Blogs can be found at: