2018 BOA Midland

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On some devices the Live Blog this week and you can visit the blog directly at their site if you wish: https://www.24liveblog.com/live/30a8aa20c73d11e7a442f23c919295de

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Schedule (all times Eastern): http://bit.ly/2zo9I9d

We have 6 TX Bands making the trip up to BOA Grand Nationals representing #TeamTexas, 6 of them made Semis, and 4 of them made Finals!

8:45pm (7:45pm CST) - Round Rock
9:30pm (8:30pm CST) - The Woodlands
10:15pm (9:15pm CST) - Flower Mound
10:30pm (9:30pm CST) - Marcus

Also, Honorary #TeamTexAvon additionally has Avon performing in Finals at 10:45pm (9:45pm CST).

The next week and a half is going to be INSANE!!! First, we have BOA San Antonio (Friday/Saturday) with Avon coming down, then we have UIL State 1A/2A/3A/5A (Mon/Tues/Wed), followed by BOA Grand Nationals (Thurs/Fri/Sat). All back to back to back nonstop! That is going to be somewhere close to 350 performances!

Historic Live Blogs can be found at: