2016 BOA St Louis

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I'd like to give a big thank you to our friends from IndianaMarching.com who are hosting the official BOA Live Blog for this event all through Friday and Saturday.

Some devices seem to work a little better if you watch the blog at 24LiveBlog itself:

FloMarching is providing live streaming video of all BOA contests in 2016 for $20/month: http://bit.ly/2cwLpJp

Prelims Schedule: http://bit.ly/2emwmEm

While most of the bands in Texas are having their UIL Region level contests this weekend, 4 TX bands have made the trip all the way up to Missouri for the BOA St. Louis Super Regional Presented by Yamaha, and all of them have Prelims performances on Saturday.

8:00am - Keller Fossil Ridge
10:45am - Richland
11:45am - Haltom
2:45pm - Birdville

Prelims has 65 bands split across Friday and Saturday with a 14 band Finals Saturday evening, including the reigning 2015 BOA Grand National Champion, Broken Arrow. Since this is the last
BOA event that Broken Arrow will attend before the 2016 BOA GN, there will be a special ceremony where they return Kevin, the BOA Grand National Champion Eagle Trophy so that he can get some rest in Indianapolis before moving on to his new home later this year.

Historic Live Blogs can be found at: