2016 BOA Austin

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We are still in September, but the 2nd week of contests is already upon us!
Everything feels so early this year. Diesel fumes will be wafting through the parking lots for the next two months as bands gather together to compete with themselves and eachother. Tears of joy, tears of sadness, camaraderie, and life experiences will be had and memories will be made; not just by the performers but by the audience as well as they give us everything they have worked so hard to create.

The BOA Austin Regional Presented By Yamaha follows up last week's BOA McAllen as the 2nd major contest of the 2016 competitive season with 31 bands taking the field in Prelims including the top 4 from last year's UIL 5A State competition.
Smithson Valley is the first band to perform, taking the field at 7:30am.

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